I was first introduced to The Amberg Lock at the North Dakota Fur Taker Convention in 1996. During that convention, I visited with Dave Amberg, as well as several other successful snaremen that used the Amberg products. From conversations with this group of serious snaremen, I realized I had found what I had always wished for in a coyote snare. A fast, very efficient snare lock, that would allow for the use of lighter cable sizes.

6’ 1/16” 7x7 - These snares are intended for bobcat, fox, and lynx. The light cable allows this snare to be used in virtually no cover, or light cover situations with very little refusal. I carry these in my trail pack for those “fill in” spots on my ‘cat line, where you need a snare or two to cover the location better. This cable/lock combination is the fastest I’ve ever seen, and you will have a very high percentage rate of neck catches, resulting in quicker dispatches, even on those coyotes that end up going in very tight cover at times.


8’ 1/16” 7x7 - The extra two feet of cable aids in anchoring and adds to the dispatching capabilities. Some locations just simply need a little longer cable to reach a suitable anchoring point. A good choice if you don’t want to carry extensions. An all around ‘cat and fox snare.

8’ 1/16” 1x19 - There has been some interest in the 1x19 cable the last several years. The 1x19 is stiffer than the 7x7, which allows you to make a rounder loop. I have a lot of good snaremen who buy these year after year for coyotes and ‘cats. The cable configuration also allows a slightly larger loop, which is needed at times. A good choice for some situations.

6’ 5/64” 7x7 - There is no doubt this is the most popular dispatch snare of all-time. The uses and applications of this snare are endless. The perfect snare for woven wire A.D.C. work, and a good trail snare for a variety of animals. A good all-around choice for canines, coons, and ‘cats, and has tens of thousands of animals to its credit. The use of an extension aids in dispatching and anchoring choices.


8’ 5/64” 7x7 - This snare is my personal favorite, and is what I use 80% of the time for snaring coyotes, bobcats, and red fox. A great choice for trail snaring, in most any situation. 5/64” 7x7 has been the most popular cable choice of knowledgeable snaremen for almost 20 years. I have snared literally thousands of coyotes in 5/64” cable, and I consider it to be the best over-all choice still. This is the snare my business is based around, and I recommend it highly.

10’ 5/64” 7x7 - It’s no secret that extra cable length on snares helps dispatching, as well as making anchoring to a solid object easier. We get more and more requests every year to make snares longer. These 10’ snares are getting a good try out in a variety of conditions, and I use a lot of these myself. It’s surprising what an extra two feet of cable will do for you, but at times, it’s just what you need to get the job done, especially on coyotes. These 10 footers are a good compromise if you decide to not use extensions too.

10’ 1/16” 7x7 - The ultimate bobcat snare.

EXTENSIONS - We get asked to custom build extensions several times a year, so we’ve decided to add these to our product line also. All of our extensions are made with a solid loop-on end, with both an aluminum double ferrule, AND a nut. This method eliminates virtually all problems and makes them easier to use than any other way we’ve tried. These extensions can be used for adding extra cable to snares, as well as anchoring to a tree or drag situation. I have a few of these in all of my trapping bags, to fit any and all situations I might encounter.