We are one of the largest suppliers of premium cable in North America.
We use and sell only the best. If you can find cable cheaper, there is probably a reason. There are different grades of cable, be assured this is “the best.” All cable is factory wound on handy spools. We stock a huge inventory of high quality cable - I've made my living snaring with this high quality cable for many years, use with confidence.

1/16” 7x7 - USE: Bobcats, fox.

5/64” 7x7 - USE: Coyotes, cats, fox, etc. (Best all around).

3/32” 7x7 - USE: Coyotes, beaver, coon, etc.

1/8” 7x7 - USE: Live snare coyotes, extensions.

1/16” 1x19 - USE: Bobcats, coyotes, fox, etc.

3/32” 1x19 - USE: Wolf, wolverine.