For those of you that prefer to make your own snares, we offer a
variety of components.


The Amberg Release Ferrules are widely recognized as the most practical, efficient release system or BAD (Break-Away-Device) on the market today. These ferrules, when properly applied to corresponding cable sizes and types, will release at approximately 270 pounds of pressure. Several snare manufacturers buy these release ferrules from me to make their locks a legal break away. I receive a lot of testimonials year after year that attest to their effectiveness. They make the Amberg Snare a “complete package,”
(efficient dispatching and effective break away capabilities).

NOTE: For any BAD to work, the snare needs to be anchored as solidly as possible. Also, longer cables will help release non-target catches, such as livestock, deer, elk, moose, etc. The “bottom line” is, that the animal has to be able to exert the force needed to make the release system work. Snares that are too short, or anchored where they will have “spring” or cushion (like on a light tree branch) will not allow the system to work a high percentage of the time. I think it is very important for snaring today and in the future to use Break-Away-Devices like the Amberg Release Ferrule correctly and responsibly. Our new snare video describes in detail their correct use and application.

• 1/16" 7x7

• 5/64" 7x7

• 3/32" 7x7

• 1/16" 1x19

• 5/64" 1x19


(We offer the Amberg Lock alone, or with your choice of spring - limited availability on 3/32").

• 1/16"

• 5/64"


• 50# SPRING

DOUBLE FERRULES - (For making loop on tie-off end of snare).

• 1/16" • 5/64" • 3/32" • 1/8"

WASHERS - (To be used between spring and release ferrules for best results).

A single cavity, quality crimper, specially calibrated to apply the Amberg Release Ferrules. This crimper will apply all sizes of our release ferrules.

CABLE CUTTERS - We stock only one kind of cable cutter, a USA made pair that has proven itself in our shop, as well as on the snareline. We consider them to be “the best.” A must for snaring or snare building.

How many times have you had to pass up a good location or “gap” because of a lack of cover to hide a kill-pole? And how often do you have to pass up a good spot because of a lack of suitable brush to hang a snare from? If you’ve done much snaring at all, you’ve answered “several times” to both questions. We have solved both problems with the use of the “Amberg Snare Support.” These quality, well-built professional supports are 30” long, and can be driven into even frozen ground easily. They won’t spin in the wind, and will securely support your snare loop in position, which is very important for successful snaring. One of the best assets for consistent neck catches I have ever used. Quit passing by “marginal” places, those are the spots that catch a lot of fur.

NOTE FROM JOHN: “I usually have six to eight of these supports in my trail pack when I set a snare location up. They are very handy, and will really help the speed you set snares. Give them a try.”
*Described and illustrated in our Snare Video.