NEW Montana Line Driver

After three years of trying designs and testing on the trap and snare line, we offer the Montana Line Driver disposable stake driver. Like many of you, we have been using a variety of stake/driver combinations, and have had mixed results. While the various stake ends available in today’s market DO seem to work, the ‘weak link’ is always the driver. I’ve tried no less than nine different drivers, many of which were supposed to be “the thing,” only to have them break the first day or two. A couple broke on the first stake! So, we went to the drawing boards, and totally disregarded what was already on the market. We did away with the ‘nut’ that so many seem to want to use, and driving directly on the shaft. That just broke any and all welds over time. We had the tips precision machined to OUR specs, rather than weld on a tip. We used gussets to reinforce the handle, to take the punishment we dealt it. And, most importantly, we USED it.

We gave them to several people to try, and we’ve had NO complaints. They have truly stood up to the punishment. And, just so it is clear, we have designed it so you pound right on the top of the handle, right above the shaft. This eliminates a lot of problems, and also lets the power of the hammer travel right down the shaft. Over the course of time, if desired, you can run a bead or two of weld down the top of the handle, to build the material back up again. We have done that once, after 500 stakes were driven in. We made them able to drive the two most popular (and what we use) disposable stakes on the market today - The SUPER STAKE (bullet), and the original WOLF FANG.


WOLF FANGS (The original, NOT the copy).
These will allow the use of 1/8” cable, and will fit our driver.