Ride along with professional trapper John Graham on his trapline in Eastern Montana. Learn from John’s experience of trapping and snaring in five states.

BOBCAT TRAPPING - ”This video covers the topics I consider to be the most crucial to making consistent bobcat catches: reading new country, picking locations, simple effective sets, luring, proper equipment, and understanding bobcat habits.” Featuring several catches of beautiful Montana bobcats. “Plus bonus snare footage.” The market is excellent for bobcats, this video will help you cash in.

BOBCAT TRAPPING VOL. 2 - This video covers trap sets and how to pick locations in a variety of terrains. Bobcat habits and a complete and easy system to take bobcats with ease are illustrated. Snares and snaring locations are defined and shown in detail. “Plus bonus footage of proper gland collecting.” DVD only.

CANINE TRAPPING - ”SIX DAYS WITH A LONG LINER.” Filmed on a large scale trapline for canines in the fall - scenic Eastern Montana. Learn from John’s experience of trapping canines in several states, both as a fur trapper and predator control agent. “This video covers the topics I consider critical to making consistent canine catches: locations, proper choice of equipment, simple effective sets, remakes, reading new country, locating coyotes and other valuable tips and information to help you better understand canines.” The art of canine trapping has never before been explained like in this top rated video.

FOX TRAPPING - Learn from John’s experience of trapping thousands of red fox in four different states. This video was designed specifically for red fox harvesting. Sets, equipment, line management, and fox locations are stressed and well illustrated. Get an “over the shoulder” look at a professional’s point of view. Learn from one of the true “numbersmen” on red fox in modern times. The best red fox video made.

SNARING - Snaring has become very popular the last several years, and there has been a lot of advances made in equipment and techniques. This video covers the methods that are considered “state of the art.” It was filmed over a variety of terrain and situations, on an A.D.C. and fur line. It covers the finer details of successful snaring methods, as well as the basics and fundamentals. Topics covered include: locations, bait stations, support systems, anchoring, the benefit of proper locks and cable choices, release systems, and a complete run down of why and where to snare for maximum success. Get over 20 years of coyote snarling knowledge condensed down in this fine video. This video was geared towards coyotes, but the methods will also work for a variety of other animals, including fox, raccoon, and bobcats.


CATCHING COYOTES - The footage for this great DVD was taken over a two year period. It describes in detail, proven, effective methods that I use to produce coyotes in numbers in a variety of conditions, terrains, locations and circumstances. ‘Sizing up’ the potential of property and locations is demonstrated over and over through-out the DVD. Coyote sets that will show how to maximize your odds, and minimize misses are covered in detail. Snaring and trapping locations and techniques are covered, because I feel they can both work so well together. Like all of the rest of our popular DVD’s, this one is shot with an ‘over the shoulder’ type approach, on a real working coyote line. NO staged shots, and no rehearsals. Being in the field 300+ days a year, I tend to look at things a bit differently than other people may. With coyotes remaining at a decent level, you might consider seeing why I called this a ‘Thinking Man’s Guide to Trapping & Snaring Coyotes.’

Third printing since 1999, with thousands of copies sold. 12 chapters,
84 pages. 35 photos and several illustrations by Bob Noonan.
Covering traps, snares and equipment used to successfully trap red fox.

FOX TRAPPING 'THE BIG PICTURE' - A complete guide to
trapping, snaring and denning red fox. This book is based on John Grahams' methods, used to take fox
as a county predator control trapper. Information in this book picks up where most of the others leave off.