The use of prepared bait, either alone or in conjunction with good lure, will aid you in catching almost all animals. The baits listed below are in a paste form, freeze proof, and easy to apply. I personally use both in alteration throughout the year, for canines and bobcats. These baits will work alone, but I like to use a good gland lure or fresh urine in combination too.

CAT CREEK - This is a thick, heavy, paste bait. Made from ground bobcat meat base, it is super attractive to all canines, cats, and ‘coon. It is a very appealing odor, and has proven itself on thousands of animals on my own trapline. The applications are endless, down a dirt hole, T-bone,
Little Honey lure holder, etc. One of my favorites.

DOUBLE CROSS - Made entirely from fresh animal products, with loud food type calling agents blended in. The result is a bait predators will scratch and dig for. Very popular with canine and bobcat trappers everywhere. Concentrated and lingering, it is a great choice for dirt holes that are to be topped off with a grass wad. Will work anywhere, anytime, but best in mid-winter.