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“The Lure For Serious Trappers.”
When I took over the Fur Country Lure business in 1996 from
Gary Jepson, he used the above slogan. I wasn’t in business
very long, and I found out why.

The Fur Country line of lures is used by top trappers all over North America. When you buy a bottle of Fur Country Lure, you are buying a lure that has several qualities. It is consistent, it will do the job it was designed for, and it will last.

I believe that every batch of lure needs to be observed, blended, and smelled. Some batches need to be “tweaked” a little before the final bottling and labeling. I can assure you that every bottle of lure, or jar of bait is made by myself. I know what it takes to work, and I won’t sell anything less than premium quality. Buy Fur Country Lures with confidence that the legwork in search of good ingredients, top notch glands and animal products was done. The formulation was done with care, and offered to you with pride.