I will devote one page to the four Bonanza Lures, since they are the lures my business is based on. All four have multiple uses and applications. I personally use one or all of them year-round. They are all made with the very best ingredients and bases available. Like all of our lures, these are versatile. I have complete confidence that these lures will do the job they were intended for.

SUPER BONANZA - One of the hottest lures available. This is based on Bonanza Mild, but with some “kickers” added. The result is a quality curiosity/call type lure, with a “sweet” skunk smell. My Number One, all around canine lure, anywhere, anytime. Deadly on coyotes on T-bones. I have customers that buy it by the pint year after year. It can be used in a variety of ways - dirt holes, flat sets, cache sets, etc. My personal favorite for fall fox and coyote, any location, any set that needs a lure other than gland.

BONANZA MILD - If one lure had to do it all, this would be it. It’s my biggest seller by volume, year after year due to gallon orders by Government A.D.C. programs. The best M-44 scent made, bar none. This mild, grease based scent will have predators wanting to lick, grab, and bite. Great at multiple specie sets, as well as gang sets for canine and ‘cats. It can be used at any type of set, but really “shines” at flat sets and with the use of our “Little Honey” lure holders. This lure has been a favorite of top trappers for many years. It has a mellow, lingering, super attractive scent. My favorite use - T-bones or skulls and “Little Honeys.” Five or six drops is all you need.

BLASTER BONANZA - An extremely attractive food/curiosity lure. A completely different base than the other Bonanza Lures. this lure will cause canines and ‘coon to lick, scratch, and hang around a set. I sell several gallons of this lure every year for use on M-44’s. No doubt my best raccoon and grey fox lure, and I get a lot of testimonials from the South on it. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not loud or offensive, but a fragrant, pleasant, desirable attractant. My favorite use - The “Little Honey” lure holders are tailor made for this lure. I use it down dirt holes for October fox also.

BONANZA COLD - A loud, reaching call lure. When you open the cap “skunk” comes out at you. This lure can be used at the set, or above set to get animals in the general area. Great on all canines, as well as fisher and marten. I’ve added enough glycerine to make it easy to apply in the dead of winter. For early season use, three to four drops will work. Great down a dirt hole set with light covering. If you want SKUNK this is it. My favorite use - I like it on the upper lip of dirt holes, or on T-bones for canines in November on.