It has long been accepted that the use of quality urine will enhance your catch ratio for canine and cats. I personally use a variety of urines throughout the course of the year. Let me state that urines are interchangeable between species, such as fox urine for coyotes, cat urine for fox, etc. It is a matter of personal preference. If you want to, use specific urine for the intended animal. A lot of sets are multi-purpose, and could catch a variety of animals. So much (probably too much) has been written about coyote urine scaring fox away, etc. Let me state now, ALL urines of good quality will have an attraction to various species.
My personal use of urine is simple: with a squirt lid, I squirt a short shot of urine on a porous object at the set, from several inches to a few feet from the trap. In most cases, with the exception of “post” type sets where it is applied directly on the object intended as the “post.” I personally don’t use urine at EVERY set, but probably use it at every LOCATION - (with two to four sets, maybe two sets will have urine).
Also, I find it a good set “freshener,” to be used instead of lure. As a closing thought, I routinely “mix” urines within the same squirt bottle as I use it. All of my urines are professionally collected and fortified with good quality glycerine. They will be liquid in all but extreme cold temperatures, and will last at a set.

FOX Urine - Our high quality Red Fox Urine is widely accepted as some of the very best available on today’s market. Fox urine has a universal appeal and attraction to virtually ALL canines and ‘cats. Many people use it as a main attractor at a variety of sets. I use it from time to time on my coyote lines, and I know a lot of good ‘cat trappers that buy it from us by the gallon year after year. We have a good, reliable source for consistent red fox urine that can supply us year after year. A dark, ‘FOXY’ smell, just like it should be. None better, give it a try.

COYOTE Urine - Being a coyote trapper by trade, I know the importance of good quality coyote urine. I have 2 sources of the best quality urine that I’ve come across in a long, long time. I buy all they can produce most years, and I sell it to you uncut, with the exception of adding a small amount of high grade glycerine to keep it from freezing, and to also make it last longer at the place you apply it. I’m able to buy this direct from the urine collector, NOT from a supply house that is cutting it to resale. This coyote urine is a dark color, and the coyote smell will jump out at you when you open it. I use the same urine year-round on coyotes, and can honestly say it’s the best I’ve used. Coyotes, fox and ‘cats will respond to it well.

BOBCAT Urine - I know of only one major supplier of high quality REAL bobcat urine in the business today, and I’ve built up a good business arrangement and relationship to buy a good supply of it every year. Many years I’ve picked up the urine personally, and got to inspect the clean pens and urine collection operation. I’ve always been impressed by the care and time they take to produce a quality bobcat urine. I’ve used this same urine for years, with great results. Bobcat urine is a super attractor for bobcats, as well as all canine and raccoons too. This urine is a rich, dark color, and has a heavy pungent ‘cat smell. Use this quality ‘cat urine this season, and see the results yourself. With bobcat prices what they are today, you owe it to yourself to use the best!