A good quality lure is an asset to every beaver trapper. I offer three quality lures that are time proven and reliable. The volume of beaver lure I sell increases each year, which attests to their performance.
All will take weather well.

THE BOSS - This castor based lure will make open water trapping easy. It will create an intense curiosity and territorial response to old trap shy beavers. I have had trappers report “The Boss” out-performing their favorite lures three to one. It is made of good quality northern castor. One Montana trapper took over 30 beaver in one day with this lure.

CACHE CREEK - Another top quality lure to be used in any situation. Completely different than any other lure I’ve smelled yet. Castor based and topped off with a unique smell to appeal to all beavers.

MAGNOLIA - A blend of beaver food he can’t resist, it works well all seasons. Paste-type consistency, for use in wet conditions - the base of this lure alone will attract beaver, but blending in several food/curiosity ingredients you get a superior beaver food lure.

COUNTRY KITCHEN - Coon bait made from his favorite food ingredients, plus a reaching calling agent. This bait was originally developed for cage traps, but can be used at pocket or hole sets. Especially good when used with egg shells, or wad of grass. Definitely a “sweet” type coon bait. Weather resistant and lingering. I get a lot of repeat orders for this year after year.

QUICK FIX - This is a quality, lingering bait, that gets super results. I consulted with a Nebraska coon high roller when I first made this bait. I had so many good testimonials on this product the year I put it on the market, I doubled production the next year. A pair of Canadian trappers reported catching coons in pocket sets after a three foot rise in water had receded! This is a fish oil based, super attractive bait. Will definitely create an oil slick on the water that will call coons from a distance. Easy to use, and effective. The big coon trappers in the U.S. all have their opinions on coon bait, but they ALL rely on fish smells. This bait will also produce canines and cats in the dead of winter.

MINK GLAND - Mink gland is a very universally attractive smell, not only for mink, but also canines and ‘cats. I’ve used this for a change up for coyotes for years, especially in the late Winter. I have a good source for mink glands, but we use lots of it, so the supply of this one is limited at times. Buy a bottle and give it a try when you want to throw something else out there.

MUSKRAT CALL - With the high prices of Muskrats, we had a lot of requests to make a lure that wasn’t of the run of the mill “sweet,” or fruit type smells so commonly sold as a ‘rat lure. We were lucky to obtain a good formula from an old water trapper that had been making it since the 60’s. I buy a couple of gallons of fresh ‘rat glands every year to make this lure, and it’s a real joy to work with. It will work in the fall, as well as the Spring. I buy ‘rat glands from some of the guys using it, and the cycle continues! Some people say lure isn’t needed for ‘rats, but some places have ‘rats without much for structure or easy places to read sign. A slicked up place on the bank, with a Q-tip of this lure is all that is needed to whack them by the boatload.