Trappers - the use of a good quality gland lure is recognized by knowledgeable trappers as a consistent, reliable type of lure to rely on year after year. They can be used in a variety of ways, from the main lure on a post set, to a small smear on an outside blocking at a walk through. They are natural, and aren’t easily “burned out.” Our gland lures are made from the very best, clean cut glands available today. I have a network of people that I rely on year after year to supply me with the best. With the exception of Wiley Coyote, they are blended and preserved at the “fresh” stage. When you open the bottle, the smell of the animal jumps out at you. Whenever I see someone hesitate to try a gland lure, I can bet that they’ve tried some of the other gland lures on the market made from rotted down glands and meat. Our gland lures are thick, creamy, and smell like they should. They can be used alone, or in combination with other lures or bait. I personally use them the most on my outside blocking on cat and canine sets. I cannot over emphasize their value, and yes, good quality gland lure will work on other animals also. Try a bottle and see the results for yourself.

DECEPTION - Coyote with a capital “C.” The number one coyote gland lure on the market, period. It’s the natural smell of coyotes, concentrated. It is used by top trappers that know the value of it, year after year. If you were to try one lure for coyotes, this would be a good one, because even “shy” coyotes will respond, hungry or not. For all types of sets, and will work year-round. One of my all-time favorites on canines, and has helped me catch a lot of big tom bobcats over the years. My favorite use - a good smear on a well blended flat set made a short distance away from main sets at a location. (Leave them alone and let them pick up the shy ones).

SEDUCTION - Made from the same pure, fresh glands as Deception, with passion ingredients blended in. This lure holds special attraction to adult coyotes. A great alternate lure for ‘gang’ settings, especially in late winter. This works especially good straight on post sets. My favorite use - a smear on a prominent grass hump or low bush next to a trail.

WILEY COYOTE - Coyote gland based, aged and boosted with other ingredients. Will work as a gland lure or curiosity type of attractant. Especially effective in mid to late winter. Weatherproof and lingering at a set. I’ve seen coyotes work this lure at sets that hadn’t been re-lured for six weeks in the dead of winter. My favorite use - on the lip of dirt holes at gang settings in mid winter.

OL' THREE TOES - Fresh coyote glands are the base of this new lure, with another ingredient blended in to give it a faint underlying odor that really preys on a coyotes’ territorial “kick” response. Can be used alone, or with urine. Non-offensive, and will get multiple visits at a set. In field testing, I saw where coyotes would visit three to four times and urinate on the lure holder. (This was with traps on drags that were already on a coyote). My favorite use - a dime size glob on a T-bone or grass in high saddles or intersections of two-track roads.

OPEN RANGE - The formula for this great lure came to me by way of well known Montana trapper, Glen Hanson. He had been telling me for several years that he had gotten a coyote gland based lure formula from Bill Nelson over 30 years before, and he was certain that it was different than any of the other lures that had the Nelson name attached to them. I told him that I would be interested in the formula if and when he ever wanted to release it. Well, one day Ol’ Glen decided to trade (give) me the formula in trade for some mink and muskrat glands he needed from me. To make a long story short, I made up a batch, and put it to work. I used it on coyotes, and I saw the value of it right from the start. It’s different than anything else in my line-up, and made on a coyote gland base. I named it OPEN RANGE, because that’s what first comes to mind when I think about the coyote country I first used it in. Give it a try at flat sets this season, and you’ll see why I was excited to get the formula.

GRAB & PULL - When I started developing this lure, I had several things in mind. First, I wanted something that could be used as a food type scent that was easily applied, and would stay on a lure holder without drying out quickly. Second, I wanted to be as canine specific as possible, with a low attraction rate to livestock. And, since I wanted to be able to use it on the dowel type lure holders that I’ve come to depend on over the years, it had to actually intrigue and appeal to a canine enough for them to lick, grab, and pull it. My 30 plus years of predator trapping experience came into play while testing and re-testing this scent. I’ve been around some of the best old-school coyote men, and I know what they’ve wanted in a scent. This great food based scent was developed for use on a lure holder or on a bleached bone, but it will work well down a dirt hole too. I can honestly say that I have never smelled anything like it on today’s market, and that only adds to its effectiveness. And, since bobcats are predators that rely on their noses too, it will work as a food lure for them too. I can honestly say that this is a great combination predator food type scent. And, for you Predator Control guys and gals that run M-44’s – this will work just fine. Get back to the basics, and give them what they want - it’s the real deal! Give it a try, and see for yourself.

T-BONE SPECIAL - This great food-based predator scent will get a canine’s attention in even the coldest winter weather. I first used it on T-bones at flat sets on my late season Wyoming coyote line. I kiddingly gave it this name. After one season, and a pile of heavily furred coyotes to it’s credit, the name stuck. A nickel sized smear is all that is needed, and canines and ‘cats both will want to lick and chew on it. This great “pull bait” is good down a hole, on a lure stick, or M-44 too. A predator trappers dream. And, NO skunk!

WYOMING WOLFER - The third lure on this base, and it has already been widely accepted and acclaimed. We've added and changed things a bit to make this even more attractive all season, and for many uses. Will work on bones, flat sets, and down a hole. It is also a great cat lure. I expect this to be a top seller this year, already!

FALL FOX - All the bases are covered with this lure-food, curiosity, greed, etc. Capitalize on what makes a fox tick. I developed this lure over a three year period, and you will like the results. don’t let the name fool you, it will catch coyotes and ‘cats also. My “secret weapon” on my fox lines. All season, all purpose. My favorite use - my “Little Honey” lure holders are top notch. (Five to six drops on the side, bed trap so pan is 4” away).

ENTICER - Made from the same fresh fox glands as excitor, but with extra “kick” to entice “fickle” fox. Fragrant and lasting, its one of my personal favorites for late fall/early winter fox trapping. One of my best fox lures, and it’s used all over North America. My favorite use - on the outside blocking, or at a grass stalk for a “post” type set, especially in late November/December to get those big adult males that show up.

EXCITOR - Only the best red fox glands are used to make this top quality gland lure. Very natural, and really provides super attraction at any type of set. Capitalize on the foxes reaction to smells of its own kind. This is the most concentrated red fox gland lure on the market. Can be used year-round. Thick and creamy. My favorite use - simple - at basically any fox set lip of dirthole or outside blocking.

GATORAIDE - Different, with a capital “D” - and will get responses from coyotes when all else fails. Very effective on “fickle” coyotes. A definite territorial “enrager” at coyote sets. I have had coyote “kicks” for a 20 foot radius around old sets that had been lured with this. My favorite use - a small smear on a tuft of grass, with scratch ups for guides.

COW COUNTRY - A high intensity curiosity lure. It’s mellow, mild odor is non-offensive, even in warm weather. A great alternate for gang setting, especially in the early season. My favorite use - T-bones are tailor made for this lure, really whacks the coyote pups.

CROSS FIRE - A loud, fragrant food based call. This was designed as a concentrated paste to use in drawing canines and ‘cats to snare locations, but it can also be used in lure sized quantities right at the set. For the money, a good reliable attractant. I use a pint or two of this ‘cat trapping every season.

HOME BREW - A natural curiosity/call lure probably unlike anything you’ve tried. Very hard to burn-out, due to its blend of natural ingredients. A heavy, pungent, odor. If you need something new to throw at them, try this. My favorite use - four or five drops on the side of a tipped up cow skull.

DEAD OF WINTER - I first made this all natural lure for my own use, on coyotes that didn’t respond to other lures, or to pick up the last coyote out of a family group. It has gotten used pretty heavily for the last three years, and I have enough to offer it to you. It is a gritty, pungent type lure, made on a fairly weather resistant base, yet easy to get out of the bottle. I intended it for coyotes, but ‘cat trappers all over have told me that they can’t keep the ‘cats away from it too. A hint of stink, but NOT overpowering or overriding in the mix. Like the name says, it shines in the Dead of Winter.