I relied very heavily on my top quality bobcat lures to make large catches of ‘cats on a yearly basis. I take great pride in offering consistent, effective ‘cat lures that will produce results. A lot of cat lures on the market today are actually better ‘coon lures. The lures I offer you are exactly the same as the ones I use. I supply lure to the very best ‘cat trappers in the country, and our repeat orders are second to none. The bobcat market looks good for the foreseeable future, cash in while you can. They are effective everywhere cats are found.


TOMCAT - Our #1 bobcat lure without a doubt, the best on the market today. Bobcat gland based, with passion and curiosity ingredients blended in to make a superior, all around ‘cat lure. This lure will call ‘cats from a distance, yet won’t cause them to “shy” from the set at a few feet, like some lures seem to do. One Montana trapper reported a ‘cat changing its line of travel abruptly and heading towards a set when it caught wind of lure, from a distance of 50 yards! I have witnessed similar results several times also. It can be used at a variety of sets, with great results. Also, if you want a change of pace for canines, this will do it. A super lure, with super results. My favorite use - I use tomcat at probably 50% of my ‘cat sets. It will work at walk throughs, flat sets, etc.


BADLANDS BOB - This is another great bobcat lure, that I introduced to trappers a few years ago. This lure has a bobcat gland base, and will appeal to bobcats in a variety of uses. I know of no other lure that smells even remotely like this one. I’ve had people tell me it worked when nothing else will. One of the very best combination ‘cat and canine lures made. I personally alternate between this and tomcat throughout the season, with equal results. It is ‘cat lure at its finest. My favorite use - I use it a lot at locations that could take anything. Great when used with a bait.

PRIDE ROCK - I have had numerous requests for a bobcat lure that can be used at “rub” type sets. This lure will really make a ‘cat work a set, without leaving until its curiosity is quenched. It is very mild, and is super attractive at short range. This lure is best when placed at about 10” - 12” above ground level, beyond the trap, with proper blocking. Works in all weather. A great change-up at locations with multiple sets.

BOBCAT GLAND - This top quality lure is mentioned under ‘gland lures’ also, but we didn’t want to leave it out when listing our ‘cat lures. This pure, mellow gland lure is made from the best glands available. Thick, creamy, and long lasting. Good any time, at any set. Possibly the best change-up available for canines. I use it heavily from mid-January on.

PURRFECTION - A totally new ‘cat lure perfected on a Montana badlands trapline. It’s sweet, mellow odor will cause ‘cats to really work a set, leaving lots of tracks where you need it most - on the pan. The base of this lure would attract ‘cats on its own, but with a blend of other ‘cat calling ingredients, it is “purrfection” as far as bobcat lures go. I use it alone, or with urine. Not a “minty” lure like some others, but a real bobcat taker.

CHARLIE BOB - A food/curiosity type lure. Mellow, lingering and fragrant. The base is made of elements of a ‘cats diet, plus two curiosity calls. On top of that, a hint of cat nip. This lure is most popular in Southern regions. I recommend this lure at dirt holes, and “cache” type scratch-up sets, all season - all weather.