We are offering the following add-on items for those of you who wish to modify your traps yourself. They are the same parts used in our modification shop.

MONTANA LAMINATION KIT - 1/4” rod cut and formed to fit the #3 Montana Trap. These rods will widen and strengthen the traps’ jaws, to help prevent paw damage and slippage. These are the same lamination rods we use in our modification shop. Just clamp and weld. Each kit contains 24 rods - enough to do one dozen traps.

MONTANA #3 BASE PLATE - These base plates are made 1/8” thick, and have a centered D-ring for attaching swivel and chain. They are specially made for the #3 Montana Special, but will fit most #3 and #4 coilsprings. Just clamp and weld.

COILSPRING TOOL - This handy tool is a must when installing or replacing springs. Saves your fingers!