Montana #1½ Special
#2 Predator Pro
#3 Montana Special
#5 Montana Trap
“Worth Waiting For.”
We have taken the time to “do it right” and make design changes to our complete satisfaction. The finished product is truly impressive.

The Montana line of traps has been widely accepted as some of the very best built in todays industry. Built on heavy bases with high levers and music wire springs, they are top performers in all conditions.

All of our traps were designed to be ‘user friendly,’ and to also optimize performance ON THE TRAP LINE. Years of testing and consideration went into each and every one of the sizes and models that we offer to you.

Our pan to jaw spread ratio is the best in the industry, and the rate of ‘paws inside the jaws’ in relationship to making the trap ‘fire’ is second to NONE. These traps were built with one goal in mind - to have a good, solid, dependable trap, with time proven features that resulted in proven ‘work horses’ on todays trap lines.

Montana Traps are a proven and well respected brand among fur trappers as well as damage control trappers. The Montana line of traps were designed to be highly efficient and affordable. Each of them fills a niche that we feel needed to be filled. Join the ranks of thousands of successful trappers, and give some a try this season.