Montana #1½ Special:

The Perfect Fox Trap! The Montana 1½ Special trap is regarded by many top fox trappers as the ‘perfect’ trap. Based upon the very popular Montgomery 1½ round jaw trap introduced in the early 1980’s this design has proven effective on ten’s of thousands of fox. We built this trap with a heavier base, but still used the smooth, rolled edge jaws, thick jaw face, and jaw tips thick enough that they can’t be pulled from the base of the trap, like some of the other 1½’s on the market. I’ve personally used these traps to take highs of 31 red fox a day, and over 300 in a month. Over the years, it has been commonly told to me by trappers that have used these great little traps, that any coyote or bobcat that gets their foot into one is held nearly 100% of the time too. They lay super flat, and take up little space, so bedding these is an easy task. Extra heavy music wire springs, and a high lever design make it the strongest 1½ trap on the market today, bar NONE. Truly a workhorse and utility type trap, with a smaller jaw spread. Complete with #3 machine chain, mid-chain swivel, and end swivel that WILL fit on a ½” rebar stake, or used with a disposable stake. Great trap, used in the uplands for fox and ‘coon, as well as on mixed lines throughout the fur belt.