#2 Predator Pro:

The new #2 Predator Pro Montana Trap was designed to fill many applications. While talking and dealing with trappers from all over North America on a yearly basis, we were well aware that there was a need and niche for a mid-sized, well made, dog-on type trap. So, after years of consideration, along with considerable ‘In the field’ testing in actual trapping conditions, NOT a drafting board, we came up with a trap that we feel with fit this need.

We built this trap with one thing in mind: To have an all-around, mid-sized trap that can be used for upland type trapping for canines, ‘cats and ‘coons, and also for predator control trapping purposes. A utility type trap that will fill the needs of a vast majority of trappers, without breaking the bank. In other words: “THE WORKING MAN’S CANINE and ‘CAT TRAP.”


OFFSET JAW (3/16” Offset)