All of the items are trapline tested, well built, and are
what I use on my line every day.

TRAP DYE (RED POWDER) - I am still of the old school of “dyeing and waxing” my traps each season, or as needed. I prefer this method for all of my canine and bobcat traps, and feel it works better than the “dip” variety.

S-HOOK TOOL - The use of a good S-hook tool will greatly speed up changing chains, closing rivets, etc. I have a pair in my bag, and one in my pocket throughout the season. I have used trap stakes in prime locations for over 10 years with the aid of the S-hook tools, just by opening and reclosing each season. Simply a must for any type of trapping.

NOTE: These are not the run of the mill S-hook tools that have been on the market the last 10 years or so. These are patterned after the old ‘link-fix’ tools that were marketed in the 80’s. They are top quality.

MONTANA LINE DRIVER - Our product line keeps expanding for various reasons. We are often asked to come out with a product that will fit the needs of our peers in the field: the serious trappers and snaremen of today’s fur harvesting fraternity. As time has allowed, we have researched, designed, and produced quality products to fit these requests. Our new ‘Montana Line Driver’ is a perfect example of this, and if you use disposable stakes, we urge you to try one of these great drivers.

LITTLE HONEY LURE HOLDERS - Every trapper needs a little ‘Ace in the Hole’ to use at times. Maybe as a change of pace, or just something quick and easy to make a set more efficient. It has long been known that canines have a certain instinct, to literally ‘grab and pull’ an item with particular smells on them, rather than urinate or roll on them. This instinct is capitalized on by the use of M-44 (Sodium Cyanide devices) in the field of predator control. Being very canine specific, M-44’s are a great tool to use, but they also carry certain regulations and applications that make them virtually unusable for fur trappers. Many years ago, a western trapper made these types of lure holders with basically the same sized ‘head’ that is common on a M-44. They have proven effective in a variety of ways for use with foot hold traps. I have been contracting with the originator to make a large quantity of these every year for at least 12 years now, and we sell out every year. They are especially effective when used with lures intended for M-44’s, like our Bonanza lures. I really like them for re-makes at coyote and fox sets, when the backing is basically destroyed, and something is needed to not only provide a place to apply a ‘smell’, but for eye appeal as well. I routinely carry a zip lock bag in my canvas bag, and use them as needed. In frozen ground, a ‘punch’ works well for a pilot hole. They are a great alternative to T-Bones, or other such items. These aren’t a gimmick, they work!

GRAB & PULL STICKS - I’ve been using lure holders at sets for canines for over twenty years now, and wrote about their use in my Fox Trapping Book in 1998. I’m a firm believer that they have their place in my predator trapping operation, and find myself using them at a variety of flat sets, as well as re-makes. Through use of the M-44 devices in Predator Control, I learned that the size of the ‘head’ (capsule holder) as well as color of wrapping, affected the overall effectiveness of M-44’s. I experimented with different materials and sizes of final ‘head’ diameter that got the most results. I lived through the high rodent years that resulted in high numbers of chewed ‘heads,’ as well as dealing with all the ‘publicized’ scents that caused more rolling then the desired ’pull’ response. I’ve come to conclusions of what works the highest percentage of the time, with the minimal amount of variables. Lure Holders such as these allow you to construct a trap set that can make a canine step where YOU want him to. By using the right type of lure, such as our newly released ‘Grab & Pull’ Lure, you can be confident that a canine will stay at the set longer, and make more footprints to get positioned to come in contact with it. This all equates to more foot prints on the pan, and less misses. Trapping is a percentages game, take advantage of this method. I know there are many Government studies about canines, and visual attractors and scents, as well as what to use on M-44’s and lure holders. I’ve read a few of these studies, and logged some of the info away in my mind. And, I’m the kind of trapper that prefers to learn from what I see and experience in the field, by being out there ‘doing it.’ I assure you these lure holders, as well as our ‘Little Honey’ Lure Holders are the ‘Real Deal’ and have their place on a working trap line for canines. Learning to use these could actually change the way that you trap canines.

NOTE: These are felt wrapped, and dipped in our special wax coating to minimize rodent problems, as well as hold scent that you apply. I use a ‘Punch’ to make a pilot hole when using in frozen ground conditions. These lure holders come in 3 different colors: Black, Grey, and Tan. Each package of one dozen will contain 4 of each color. Packs of 50 will contain a variety as well.

WIRE SCREEN PAN COVERS - These pre-cut screens are made from heavy galvanized screen that is specially ordered for this purpose. The 5 1/4” x 6 1/2” dimension is tailor-made for the #3 Montana Traps, but will work on a variety of other traps. The use of screens such as these, combined with the “dogless” design of the Montana #3 Special, will greatly cut down “misses,” and virtually eliminate tracks withing the jaws of the trap without a catch. Easy to use, and can be treated with your trap preparation, or right out of the bag. Also available in 4 3/4" x 6" dimension.